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foto Have you already got a www site? Perhaps you complain about the navigation of the site? Maybe the graphics is far from high standards? Adjust your site to the newest standards.

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foto Having a well designed friendly site is a necessary condition to create a positive and long-lasting effect on your clients. My sites are easy to navigate and remain in memory for a long time.

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foto Having a site is one thing. Having a site which is known in the web is another thing. Our aim is to persuade people to visit precisely your site.

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Samuelson Web Studio is from the very beginning of its functioning a creation of one person. I began in 2004 by offering site designs to local companies. I have been developing continuously by gaining skills allowing for designing modern world-class sites both in terms of graphics and technological solutions.
By constant education and the will of continuous self-development I have also gained the knowledge of modern web marketing such as among others the strategy of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

The main goals of mine set when creating designs are the following:
  • providing the client with fresh and creative ideas which allow for standing out from other www sites,
  • providing a wide range of Internet services in order that the client has a suitable site and a marketing strategy tailored to the www site,
  • providing effective sites and services which will meet with a positive response from the client,
  • the certainty that the client is not only satisfied but glad how simple and effective working with me may be.
web audit

What is web audit?
Have you wondered why your site does not captivate clients and attract new users? Why are the revenues from the shop or service you own so low? It is a common knowledge that a well designed website is half of the success to reach good positions in search engines. Unfortunately, a great majority of sites, although they look nice, does not meet widely accepted standards, thus making it difficult or impossible to reach good positions in search engines. The cost of positioning of such a website is much higher than the positioning of optimised website. The objective of site audit is to evaluate the Internet service and determine whether it fulfills the assumptions of the design and whether it is compliant with the current W3C web standards. A well designed and created website is one of the most important conditions of effective marketing. Today over 75% websites contains errors which make it extremely difficult or impossible to index the service properly in popular search engines.

The most frequent errors appearing on clients' sites:
1. The lack of properly defined meta markers
2. The lack of compliance with basic web standards
3. Impaired navigation both to users and search engine robots
4. The lack of optimisation of graphics and source code which have an impact on the speed of loading of the site.

How do you profit from conducting the audit of a site?
  • you will know strong and weak points of the website
  • you will have the certainty that your site is correct and friendly
  • you will learn how the site looks in comparison to your competition's
  • you will obtain the information concerning the ergonomic arrangement of the site
  • you will obtain the information whether the site is suitable to positioning
  • you will obtain a report on how search engines see the service
  • you will gain advantage over the competition
  • you will obtain the information about the way of promoting the site
  • you will obtain the information about the way professional graphic designers perceive the site


web design

Designing www sites is both an art and technique to me. My aim is to create nice looking sites which contain all necessary information. A good cooperation with you will allow for determining target receivers of your products and services and, what follows, will make it possible for me to create a site which will fulfil all the aims set.
I have confidence in sites which look not only impressive but are effective in the first place. When designing I follow 4 principles which enable me to fulfil the main aims of a site. These are the following:

Your company, your site
When working on your site I always bear in mind that it is your site, not mine. I would like it to be something of which you will be absolutely proud and you will want to show to your friends. You will be provided with my professional opinion but I will never do anything with which you do not agree or do not accept.

Gathering details of a design
The most efficient way to create a site is understanding who you and your company are. Each design begins with a detailed discussion about all particulars of the site from graphics to functionality. The preliminary consultation gives me a clear picture of your expectations.

Understanding the receivers
The key factor influencing the design is at whom your site is directed. If the main receivers of your site will be elderly people, I will employ a larger font, a rather less "cool" graphics, and elements which are easy to use. Deciding on these issues is one of the most important factors influencing the site's success.

Having an aim
Each site, apart from looking nice, has to fulfil some functions. If you sell services, your aim is to attract customers who will be willing to buy your products. If you perform all kinds of services, your aim is to attract customers who will be willing to contact you. My aim is to design sites which attract visitors and thus serve fulfilling your intended aims. This is my focus.


web marketing

A site no one knows about, no matter how beautiful and modern, is in fact useless from the business point of view. In order that the site can help you develop your business, people need to visit it. Web marketing serves rushing and directing the Internet traffic to your side by means of various tools such as:

  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Is your site high in search engines?

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), or sites positioning, is a process aiming at making websites friendly to search engines. It contains activities in the area of content, document descriptions, creation of links, and configuring the www server so that the positioned website is easy to find in the search engine. It may sound easy but search engines change their "good site's criteria". You need to know that the main goal of a search engine is to provide the user with links to the best quality sites.

    Step one: Key words analysis
    At this level I begin my work with a thorough analysis of the market on which your company operates and of the receivers of your products and services. I conduct a detailed research in order to determine the key word people are likely to use when looking for your products or services.

    Step two: Tailoring
    Optimisation of a site is more than pasting key words in proper places in the site's code. In order to perform the optimisation of a site effectively the content needs to be written so that it contains words which are essential to your company. The difficulty lies in placing them in a content which search engines and people visiting your site will like.

    Step three: Completion
    The site's design is approved, the content is optimised for search engines; now it is time to put it together. My experience has allowed me to get familiar with major nuances which help raising the ranking of your site. From the moment when I created graphics and code until the time of adding to catalogues I have been familiarising myself with the techniques which allow for getting higher and higher in search engines results.

    Step four: Tracing
    I employ a large number of tools which help trace the statistics of visitors and the current ranking in major search engines in order to ensure a success to all the efforts put in optimising the results of the search. Owing to the statistics and figures I can see, analyse and adjust a further strategy to your site. The dynamically changing situation requires having one's finger on the pulse.

  • Advertisement programmes of search engines - pay-per-click

    Do you need to attract clients quickly?
    The answer to this question is an investment in PPC advertising campaigns (pay-per-click).

    Pay-per-click campaigns are one of the most effective ways of reaching most valuable clients quickly. PPC marketing places the site / advertisement in search engines (Google, Onet, WP) according to the rate you are willing to pay for every click on your advertisement or link to your site.

    The rates for every click depend mainly on the number of people / companies who want to promote their sites or products in the same way. Therefore, preparing an appropriate strategy of implementing PPC campaign is a crucial matter.

    I offer the following within the PPC campaign:
    • Insight and marketing analysis
    • Analysis and selecting key words
    • Creating and managing PPC accounts
    • Determining and controlling the budget
    • Creating and optimising the advertisement
  • Mailing campaigns

    Mailing campaigns consist in sending electronic messages to a specifically defined group of receivers. The objective of mailing campaigns is gaining new clients, maintaining relations with the current clients of the company, informing about new products and services on the company's offer and about important events or changes in the company etc.

    I offer the following in the mailing campaign:
    • conducting an optimised mailing campaign,
    • preparing the strategy for actions,
    • conducting the analysis of the market,
    • adjusting the form and content of the message to the specified addressees of mailing,
    • ensuring the technical service of mailing.

    The advertising activities taken by the company may include all the above enumerated fields of activity, or they may be limited only to some of them. We will help you reach the target group in which you are interested, we will conduct analyses and market research, we will recommend tools and solutions necessary to succeed on the e-market.

    My role is to select tools and actions in such a way that the effects are as satisfying as it is possible given the assumed budget.

  • Banner campaigns

    A banner is an element of static or animated graphics of various sizes, placed on www sites, which is a reference to the Internet service of the advertiser. Its main function is to interest the user and encourage him/her to click and at the same time to activate the hyperlink. The most popular size of banners is the so-called full banner of 468x60 pixels according to the Internet Advertising Bureau standard.

    Today static banners are beginning to vanish slowly from the web replaced by interactive banners. The appearance of such advertisements is possible due to more and more modern webmaster software. The Flash technology is its best example. It allows for employing fluent animation, sound, and event software in the banner. This creates enormous possibilities of interaction and significantly increases efficiency of the advertising campaign.

    Advertising banners, together with advertisements, are a basic carrier of advertising content in the Internet. Banner campaigns have the function of popularising the website, making the Internet users interested in a particular product or service, and branding.

    I design and create attractive and attention-catching advertising banners, I offer consultations on the choice of services for conducting the campaign, I optimise costs of the campaign.

The Internet marketing strategy includes creating an effective website which will convert the visitors of your site into your clients.
If you are not interested in Internet marketing of your site, you lose many clients and, what follows, a lot of money. Can you afford such extravagance?




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